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IMPORTANT Security Alert To Tadawul ONLINE USERS

Please be aware of malicious emails being sent to customers of various banks asking them to renew their online banking / bill payment service. Such Emails usually contain a link to a page identical to the banks login page, thereby capturing sensitive information such as passwords with the intention of committing fraud.

Please note that:
CBDFS will never request in emails your login details such as Logon ID, Password for CBDFS Online.
CBDFS will never provide any 'links' in emails seeking personal information or login details.
CBDFS Call Centre agents will never ask you to divulge your password for authentication.
Please note that your access to Attijari Tadawul never expires therefore CBDFS will never send you any email asking you to renew your subscription to the service.

Please verify before logging in that the address bar displays

We advise you:
Never to login through any website other than our official website, .
Always type in the website address or use your bookmarks to access Attijari Tadawul.
If you suspect that any of your security details are compromised, please call our
Call Centre at 800223 immediately for necessary action.

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